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Former Rapids head coach Fernando Clavijo has cancer

Some tough news out of Dallas recently as it was announced that former Rapids head coach Fernando Clavijo was battling cancer.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

When Colorado Rapids supporters here the name Fernando Clavijo there is the inevitable groan and the phrase "do we need to talk about that?"  I get the frustration as the Clavijo years were not necessarily the best for the Rapids, but news out of Frisco today puts the importance of soccer into perspective a bit.

Clavijo, the Rapids head coach from 2005-2008, is battling Multiple Myeloma.

This is pretty terrible news for a guy that has given quite a bit to US Soccer and the soccer community as a whole.  Yes, I appreciate that not everything went the way we would have wanted when he was in Denver, but Clavijo did :

1) Take the Rapids to two consecutive playoff berths

2) Was head coach when the Rapids opened their soccer specific stadium in Commerce City

3) Had 61 caps for the US Mens National Team

4) Helped to advance soccer in both Denver and Dallas.

5) Is now the Technical Director for FC Dallas (who is playing some good football at this point)

I know there is this "supposed" rivalry with FC Dallas (which I don't believe for one moment--so OP wanted to go home, can't blame the guy).  They are certainly a team that is easy to get up for and a team the Rapids want to defeat, but in circumstances when the game carries such little importance in comparison to the battle that Clavijo is waging, we can all join united in the recovery for Fernando

Our thoughts and prayers are with Clavijo and his family as they go through this.  Let's face it, Cancer Sucks Ass, and if we can send of few thoughts and prayers to Dallas, it can only help him.