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LA Galaxy 4 Colorado Rapids 3 - lolololol

The problem with all those other losses is that they just weren't FUN enough! Well, there you go.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

I took two folks who had never been to a Colorado Rapids game to their first last night, promising them prior to kickoff that they would likely be able to see 'a hilarious shitshow'. Never before was a prediction quite so easy to make. The Rapids certainly should have gotten a result from this one, but another injury setback and some plain old fashioned crapfestiness made for a 4-3 loss to the LA Galaxy.

The first half was pretty neat for a team that had struggled to score goals as badly as the Rapids all season. They were seemingly scoring at will, getting first-time goals from Marlon Hairston and Marc Burch and, in a polar opposite situation, Edson Buddle's 100th goal in MLS. (Congrats on that by the way, Edson!)

Unfortunately, Colorado's lack of preparedness came back to bite them in the second half as they nursed a 3-1 lead but allowed the Galaxy to have the onus on attack. Things only got worse when Jared Watts, who had actually performed admirably as a starter at central defense, was brought down, meaning Grant van de Casteele was forced to play his first minutes in MLS under unfortunate circumstances. LA got three goals, including ones from Alan Gordon and Landon Donovan, in the second half, and it made for the weirdest Rapids loss in quite some time.

On the bright side, those first-timers that I brought were so entertained by the shitshow that they saw, they said they wanted to come back. Maybe this is the marketing tactic we've been waiting for!