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With Drew Moor out, who wears the armband?

Terrible news out of Commerce City today as it was reported that Drew Moor will miss the remainder of the 2014 season with a torn ACL.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports


That was the word I used when I heard that Colorado Rapids team Captain Drew Moor will miss the remainder of the 2014 MLS season with a torn ACL.  The Rapids were having a difficult year already and this news makes it that much worse.  I hope that Drew's recovery is swift and easy for him and we can see him back with the team in 2015.

But that leaves a broader question, who gets the armband in his absence.  The Captain is the leader, coach, motivator, butt kicker (when needed), and field general out there.  Moor followed Pablo Mastroeni as Captain so it gives so perspective as to the qualities needed in a coach.  With that in mind, I submit a few names for consideration:

Nick LaBrocca

LaBrocca had the armband after Moor was subbed off and seems to be a good fit.  He plays in a midfield role and is active on both ends of the pitch.  His emotions do get the best of him at times and has taken some silly yellow cards.  He is highly tenured with the Rapids, so he knows the club.

Clint Irwin

I am not normally a fan of a goalkeeper being Captain as they are in a more fixed position and can't actively run up and get involved in the field of play.  Irwin has the leadership qualities needed, but I really think it should go to a field player.

Marvell Wynne

Wynne has worn the armband before and would be a natural fit.  He has not played the best on the year, but with injuries to Shane O'Neill and now Moor you have to think he will be out there quite a bit and will need to be the leader that Moor was.

Dillon Powers

I think Powers is a bit young and I don't know if he is the "in-your-face" kind of player the Rapids need right now.  But he might be the dark horse.

Edson Buddle, Vicente Sanchez, Deshorn Brown

All good lads, just not sure they play enough or have the demeanor to be the Captain.