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Jose Mari vs. Dillon Serna: Whose golazo was better?

The physics-defying super strike or the wonderful looping volley? Whose wondergoal was the better?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

We've not been very lucky in terms of results or youth movements this season, but the Colorado Rapids have had the privilege of seeing two Goal of the Season candidates come out of Commerce City. (Actually, neither came out of Commerce City if you want to be pedantic about it, since both were goals on the road, but that's not important.) Either way, since we're trying to avoid talking about Colorado's upcoming game against the Galaxy at all costs, let's have a little vote instead: who had the better strike?

In this corner, Jose Mari's strike that was so good, physics itself decided to take a seat for a few moments to allow that ball to move 50 directions at once in the air and help win Colorado a tough road game at Vancouver.

And in the other corner, the goal you've probably watched a hundred times over the last 48 hours, Dillon Serna's incredible volley.

Which do you pick?