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Colorado Rapids vs. DC United - Player ratings

A predictable result for the Rapids leaves them in serious jeopardy with ten games left.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado Rapids finished up a two game road trip with a laughable display at DC United that saw them lose 4-2.  A spectacular strike from Dillon Serna was not nearly enough as the Rapids were let down by some atrocious defending and the inability to shoot that damn ball on frame,  The Rapids are not a playoff team (at this point) and the time to become a playoff team is shrinking and the challenges ahead are vast.

Here is how I saw the match:

Clint Irwin 6

Can't blame Irwin for his defense letting him down time and time again.

Chris Klute 4

Klute struggled finding his man on the evening and his runs forward were a let off.

Marvell Wynne 2

Wynne was putrid on the night.

Drew Moor 3

The Captain went out early, but he needs to be taken to task for his inability to get his team ready.  Disappointing from Moor that they were not prepared today.

Marc Burch 5

Burch was not the reason this team lost, and was clearly the best of a bad back four, but he needs to step up and do better on the defensive end.

Vicente Sanchez 5

59 minutes for Sanchez and he tanked a shot right at the DC goalkeeper.  Have to do better than that.  His goal would have meant going into halftime tied rather than down a goal.

Jose Mari 4.5

Mari needs to be more creative and physical on the ball.  If he is playing a defensive midfielder role (and in his defense I am not sure the coach knows what roles people are playing), he needs to be more of a destroyer.

Nick LaBrocca 4

LaBrocca cannot give up cheap goals like he did in the first half.  This team is not good enough to chase the game.

Dillon Serna 6.5

A Goal of the Year nominee from Serna, but sadly the Rapids wasted it.

Dillon Powers 5

Powers had a quiet night and a quiet assist.  He is not a withdrawn forward as he was lined up tonight.  Not his fault he was started out of position.

Deshorn Brown 5

Brown got a goal, but it did not matter.  He looks frustrated at the service he is getting, but he needs to do better with the service he gets.


Jared Watts 3

Why, oh why, is Watts the answer when Moor goes down?  Especially when you have a recognized defender on the bench.

Carlos Alvarez 5

Alvarez was very active in his time on the field, but was unable to push the ball and create dangerous opportunities for the Rapids.

Gabriel Torres 4

Whatever Torres did to piss off Pablo, I would love to know.  The dude needs to start as a striker and let him work through what he is going through.  It is not as if it would hurt things.