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MLS Goal of the Week: If you don't vote for Dillon Serna, you're wrong

You don't want to be wrong, do you?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Go here and vote for Dillon Serna in the MLS Goal of the Week competition.

In most cases, the best goal really does win MLS Goal of the Week. For instance, Jose Mari's hilariously impossible long-range bendy-ball from earlier this season won GotW pretty handily the week that it was up. Unfortunately, this is never a sure thing, so you should probably change your IP address or something a few hundred times and get the vote count inflated as high as possible.

This is about the only chance the Colorado Rapids have at winning anything this season (a brace of GotW awards, yay!) so might as well put as much verve into it as we can. And when you're done doing that you can just go over here again and click the play button six hundred more times as you let its majesty sink over you. And by 'its majesty', I mean 'the pint of whiskey you probably are still working on consuming from yesterday'.