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Is Charles Eloundou the new Kevin Harbottle?

An incredibly fast, slight, talented international player has stopped getting playing time for the Rapids after a few early appearances. Where have we seen this before...?

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The similarities between the Colorado Rapids career of Kevin Harbottle and the 2014 season for Charles Eloundou are a bit striking. Obviously, Harbottle never had the hilarious saga of transfer failure that made Eloundou take a full year longer than anyone expected to get onto the squad, so we'll just talk about 2014, when he arrived and began getting some minutes.

Charles Eloundou started the season as a young guy with tons of speed and a lack of size, and as a guy who was expected to contribute on the wings right away. He got a few early starts and impressed a few people, looked like a legitimate attacking option at times, but never managed to score a goal for his troubles. Unfortunately, he started slowly working his way out of the squad after that, and now seems to be completely forgotten on the team sheet every single week.

The comparison even goes as far as the reserves, where Eloundou has put in a few goals as of late without a sniff of first-team soccer. Around the time Harbottle stopped getting minutes for the Rapids last season, they were on a bit of a slide and people started saying he was a potential guy to solve the team's attacking woes.

It might be a broken record, but it surely couldn't hurt the Rapids to try and solve their anemic attack with the guy who they wanted on the team so badly that they went on almost literal African wilderness adventures to try and find him. Hopefully this doesn't follow the Harbottle story too closely, or this post merely existing will probably spell the end of his Rapids career.