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What's going on out here?

The Rapids are in the midst of a downhill slide. How did they get here?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids are in a streak. A very bad streak of losing 4 of 5 including the only points that the New England Revolution have secured in the standings since May 24th. The Rapids are facing a tough road test to play D.C. United who are second in the standings in the Eastern Conference. The Rapids current place in the Western Conference is 6th place, or out of the playoffs. Does Shane O'Neill mean that much to the club? Here's what the front office can do to turn this around and they must turn it around because they don't own their first round pick in the next MLS Superdraft. (Sent to Portland in the Danny Mwanga deal) That gets worse after every time I type or read that phrase. So the urgency has to be there. Which I will admit that both Head Coach Pablo Mastroeni and Captain Drew Moor have said to the media recently. So the leadership of the team knows what must be done. Then why isn't it being done?

Some of the Rapids favorite terms in discussing the future is short term and long term. I think people forget that we have a rookie head coach. Barely a playoff team last year with really a big roster change including several midfielders who were MLS experienced and in hindsight the backbone of the team. How much do we miss Hendry "Crazy Eyes" Thomas? Paul Bravo shouldn't have traded a first rond pick for Mwanga. He was on his second stop already and had failed spectacularly at both. In Bravo's defense he didn't know how serious Oscar Pareja was about Dallas. But if your family still lives in a different city then the one you coach in it will take a lot for you to stay out of town. Especially when the hometown job (Dallas) pays more. So as Rapids fans we should be questioning the financial commitment when we see Arsenal going crazy in the transfer window. We can't claim poverty. Not when the biggest retail company owns our team.

The transfer window for the Rapids is an entire different issue/article that has been covered by other Burgundy Wave writers so i'll leave that to them. I think the bigger loss for Bravo was that Wilmer Cabrera left for the team soon to be the team formerly known as Chivas USA. Wilmer knew all the players. He knows the system and the front office. He left for an unknown situation in front office and everybody knows how new ownership likes to make decisions upon receiving the team. Wilmer would of had job security here with a system in place. What is the issue that would be making his decision to leave easy? We could turn this into a get angry about the same old problems and vent or how about we raise a ruckus and call for some change? If the Rapids don't make the playoffs Bravo must be relieved of duties. Maybe his hands were tied on picking a new coach. But that shouldn't matter. He has had several coaching vacancy's and must be held accountable for them. This is the real world. Losing an asset like a high first round pick for what the Rapids got was unacceptable.