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Player Ratings--Colorado Rapids at New England Revolution

Goodness gracious that was terrible to watch, and the Colorado Rapids player ratings are not much better.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado Rapids traveled to Foxboro, Massachusetts to play New England Revolution on Wednesday night and were summarily dispatched by a more organized and prepared Revs team 3-0.  It was an unfortunate result for the Rapids as they are in a brutal month with very few games at home, and teams above them in the table ready for the challenge.  Can the Rapids step up?

Here is how I saw the New England match:

Clint Irwin 6

Irwin made five saves on the night, and I do not blame him for the debacle that was the Rapids back line.

Chris Klute 3

A terrible game from Klute.  He looked confused, slow and overmatched by a Revolution team that had not scored more than one goal in eight games.

Drew Moor 3

Moor will look back at this game and think, well that could not have gone any worse.  The own-goal, not own-goal that New England scored may be on Moor, but it is not his fault.  It was a team own goal.

Marvell Wynne 3

Wynne, like the rest of the back four, was stuck in a rut that they could not climb out of.

Thomas Piermayr  3

Despite how terrible the Rapids were, they still had a shot.  Until Piermayr picked up his second yellow and ejection from the match.

Kamani Hill 4

Hill was unable to generate any offense on the night and was lifted after 57 minutes.

Nick LaBrocca 5

I think LaBrocca a physical player, but he needs to show that physicality as the Rapids were pushed all over the pitch.

Jared Watts 4

The injury to Jose Mari has hurt the Rapids more than anything, and Watts was unable to fill his shoes in this match.  He is a good player, but seems to struggle whenever teams push him around.

Marlon Hairston 4.5

Hairston picked up one of the two Rapids shots on goal in the game.  So that is something.

Edson Buddle 4.5

And Buddle had the other one.

Gabriel Torres 6

Tough to fault Torres on this one as he got ZERO service from his midfield.


Dillon Powers 6

If he is healthy, start the man.  The Rapids finally started to look dangerous with him out there, and yet he spent an hour on the bench.

Dillon Serna 5.5

Gave a nice spark, but by the time he got out there, the game was over.

Vicente Sanchez 5.5

I was shocked to see Sanchez play on turf, but not even his magic could prevent this abomination of a performance.