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Colorado Rapids August Preview - Okay, NOW it's hell month

We seem to go through at least one hell month every season, and this year it's August, almost without question.

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Hell Month seems to be a moniker we give out at least once a season, and I think this August has earned it. The month features more road games than home games, and they're all against teams that the Rapids need points against, excepting DC United. Even that, that DC match is against a team that has surprised a lot of people to end up near the top of the Eastern Conference race.

Let's see how this August is going to play out...

8/2 - Colorado Rapids vs. Real Salt Lake - The Rocky Mountain Cup could be over early this year after the Rapids failed to score during a late barrage last time they were in Sandy. Colorado rarely loses to RSL at home, so it should at the very least be made interesting, but anything other than a Rapids win is going to be a tough result. With a squad mostly back at full strength, the Rapids should be up for the home points.

8/9 - Rapids @ FC Dallas - I don't know who got the bright idea to stagger the Dallas games so the first two were in Texas, but whatever. Last time these two teams met, it was one of the weirdest games of the season for the Rapids. This time around... yeah, I'm not even going to pretend to know how it will go, but I'm betting there will be goals again. Oscar Pareja's team has been one of streaks this season, as has Colorado's, so it's impossible to tell.

8/17 - Rapids @ DC United - Man, who had this game circled as a key affair on the calendar before the season? Ben Olsen has managed to turn United into a pretty darn good squad, who despite being quite similar to last season's team are finding the results they need. Considering Colorado's sordid history out in DC, I doubt this ends well.

8/20 - Rapids vs. LA Galaxy - And if that's not bad enough, they have to come home only a few days later to face one of the most talented teams in the league. The Galaxy, as predicted, have shot right back up the table now that their GP have risen to the levels of the rest of the league, and they will probably still be a bit miffed about that 1-0 loss earlier this season. Still, a draw wouldn't be out of the question.

8/30 - Rapids @ Seattle Sounders - Thank goodness for 10-day breaks, eh? They'll need all the rest they can get before this one. They'll lose regardless because the Rapids simply don't get results in Seattle, but at least they'll not be looking like the three-days-rest Rapids in it.
BW PREDICTION: 3-1 Seattle

Sordid, I know, but I've got a 1-2-2 record out of Hell Month here. Can they surprise the world with another of their patent pending runs of good form?