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Why I'm An All-Star Game Hater

Exhibitions have a place in soccer. But unless it's a home game then why should I care?

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

Being a sports blogger has it's trade-offs. Like the old Dave Chapelle skit where he gets parents to come in and see what they will let their kids do for a union card sometimes a blogger will sell his soul to the devil for some evil empire. In this case, it's people who try to sell the MLS all-star game. Surely there is a better way to sell the league or their brand new soccer specific stadiums than this farce. The idea of a yearly all-star game was started by Major League Baseball and at the time was a great idea but as usual mixing U.S. traditions with soccer don't mix.

With the Copa America coming to the United States in 2016. It will be a good time to showcase the world's game. It seems that every World Cup since the U.S. hosted it has been said that the most foreign travelers are from the United States.  When asked why Mexico plays most of their friendlies here they say, "for the money." Copa America's 100th anniversary tournament being played on a different continent is a pretty big deal. What these matches have in common is that they mean something. From a tournament to a friendly that can determine playing time for said tournament all the of matches have some sort of  significance. Other than the really degenerate gamblers who are trying to make a buck by betting the opponent to the MLS I couldn't think of a reason to watch or have any players from my favorite team competing.

If an MLS team is lucky enough to have a player get selected then that player most likely has an extra road-trip to attend. An extra match to play along with the parties and all the other events to spend their time on in a mid week between games. If the MLS must play this match, at least have a week off for the other teams to recharge and make the competition after the game better. Right now it is a three game in eight or nine days scenario that all teams fare poorly in. If a player has a clause in his contract that makes him money to be selected great. Outside of that I would rather that player rest during the week and be ready for the next match. Being named to the MLS all eleven is a greater accomplishment then having all-star status. So shoe-horning this extra game that is meaningless into an already busy season really has no benefit and when the MLS is out of new stadiums to show off then what happens next. A half-full Georgia Dome? NYCFC's Yankee Stadium set-up?