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Colorado Rapids vs. Columbus Crew - Player Ratings

The Rapids annual 4th Fest was spectacular, but the performance from the Rapids was uneven and eventually led to a 1-1 draw with the Crew.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

A beautiful July evening greeted a capacity crowd at Dick's Sporting Goods Park and saw the Colorado Rapids play to a 1-1 tie with the Columbus Crew.  It was a disappointing and disjointed performance by the Rapids which did not see them score a goal (the Rapids goal was an own goal) and if not for a questionable off-sides call, the Rapids could have come away with nothing on the night.  The Rapids were outplayed for larger portions of the match and should be pleased for as poorly as they played, they still were able to pick up a point.

Here is how I saw the match:

Clint Irwin 8.5

Irwin was phenomenal on the night stopping seven shots and made several highlight reel saves.  Without Irwin, this is a loss.  Plain and simple

Chris Klute 6.5

Klute, like most of the team, was just a bit off on the night.  He did nothing too terrible, but nothing that made you go wow.  His passing and defense was fine, but the Rapids allowed eight shots on goal.  For a team that has playoff aspirations, you have to play better defense then that.

Shane O'Neill 6.5

O'Neill made a stellar block in the first half which could have let to a shot on goal, but struggled in the middle for portions of the match dealing with the Crew attack.

Drew Moor 6

Not the best game for the Rapids Captain.  He did not play good defense on the Crew goal and in a game that is this close, those plays are costly.

Marvell Wynne 7.5

Wynne was able to use his speed to backtrack and cover for some midfield mistakes.  He was very good on the evening and set up the Rapids goal.

Kamani Hill 5.5

Hill was left on an island at times on the left side, but did not do enough to generate shots on goal.  At times he tried to get too cute with the ball looking for the perfect shot.

Jared Watts 5

You win as a team and you lose as a team so it difficult to say one play or one aspect of a match decides it.  But Watts lost his man that led to the goal.  That being said, O'Neill and Moor should have been there to help.

Nick LaBrocca 5.5

I am a LaBrocca fan, but he needed to do more pushing the ball forward and helping the Rapids generate more than just two shots on goal.

Dillon Powers 5

Powers will want that pass back.   He errant pass led directly to the Crew goal and he was unable to help generate any offense on the night.

Deshorn Brown 6

After a good game last weekend Brown was not up to his standard (which follows his good game/bad game pattern).  He was unable to generate offense and left the game with zero shots on goal

Vicente Sanchez 5

Quite simply, a studs up tackle is a punk maneuver and has not place in the game.  He should have been ejected.


Dillon Serna 6

Serna injected some life into a dreadful Rapids attack, and generated one shot (off target).  He seemed to have more energy and played with more passion, but could not turn that into anything.

Edson Buddle 5

Buddle played  17 and generated zero shots on goal.  In a game with a defense like this, speed was needed, not a target forward.

Marlon Hairston N/A

End of the game cameo for Hairston.  But why put in a midfielder when a forward is needed to get goals.