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Colorado Rapids vs. Columbus Crew - Man Of The Match Vote

Who was Colorado's best player against the Columbus Crew?

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

After such a sloppy game, it's hard to talk about Men of the Match, but there were enough decent performances that we may have a contest on our hands. I think we've got at least two strong candidates this week, though I expect the man in back to take the honors. Either way, we're still having a vote, so take your pick from the two below:

Clint Irwin: Well if he's starting to audition for the starting spot for the USMNT to take over from Tim Howard, that's a good way to get that going. Irwin was a beast in the back, and couldn't do a whole lot about the comedy of errors that led to Columbus' only goal.

Vicente Sanchez: It was an own goal in the end, but it was still nice to see Sanchez getting his head involved to try and put points on the board for the team. He's still easily the best attacking player on the Rapids roster.

We all know the real MVP was AMERICA, right? Whatever, go vote!