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Colorado Rapids vs. Columbus Crew - Game Thread

Let's see some fireworks!


It's July 4th, which usually means it's time to prepare for a good match from the Rapids. We'll see if that old Independence Day charm is still there for them against a Columbus Crew side that has had some issues winning matches in the past couple of months.

There was a long-standing thing where the Rapids and Crew would simply trade blows at their own home stadiums that went for a few years, but that got busted last year as the Rapids went in and shocked Columbus with a 2-0 win at Crew Stadium. Let's hope that trend of road wins stops at that.

Colorado Rapids (7-5-4) vs. Columbus Crew (4-5-7)
Referee: Hilario Grajeda
Rapids Lineup: Irwin; Wynne, O'Neill, Moor, Klute; Powers, Watts, LaBrocca, Hill; Sanchez, Brown
Crew Lineup: Clark; Jimenez, Gehrig, Parkhurst, Anor; Finlay, Tchani, Trapp, Meram; Speas, Arrieta