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The USMNT Future Is Bright, With The RapKids In The Mix

Don't look back. Look forward to a future with Rapids in the USMNT squad.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

There's times where looking back is a good thing to do. For the next few days, maybe all the way until July 13th, it's one of those times. The USMNT surpassed a lot of people's expectations during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, making it to the Round of 16 and getting an extra time match out of those dark horses from Belgium. That's something to be proud of when we take stock and realize that, all told, this roster probably shouldn't have gotten that far. (Hello, Wondolowski. Hope to never see you again.)

Look back for a few days, then. But soon, it will be time to look forward. The US is honestly in one of the best spots that we've ever seen in terms of talent. It's not just the fact that international guys like Aron Johannsson are starting to jump on board, it's the fact that the US has possibly the deepest pipeline of youngsters that we've ever seen. Remember a decade ago when people were losing their minds over Freddy Adu? We don't have the issue of needing a single savior of US Soccer anymore. The United States used to be searching for diamonds in the rough while searching for players to push the nation forward; now the players good enough to throw into the group are plentiful enough that it's as easy as just mining for coal. (In this particular analogy, international soccer talent is represented by Minecraft.)

And yes, the Colorado Rapids are going to help add to that pipeline. There are few teams in MLS that have as many names for the future as the Rapids and their RapKids movement do. The 'big three', as I like to call them, are Dillon Powers, Chris Klute, and Clint Irwin. (And yes, I do have to laugh at people still putting Bill Hamid on their lists as the US GK of the future over Irwin at this point.) Looking past just those three though, you'll find even more intrigue. An attacking spitfire in Dillon Serna, a cerebral center back who can also play on the right or higher up the pitch in Shane O'Neill and perhaps a wild-card in current U-23 player Marlon Hairston.

That's just the Rapids' contributions to the future pool. Guys like Wil Trapp, Deandre Yedlin, and the rest of MLS' youngsters make that shine even brighter. The Marc Pelosis, Julien Greens and others of the world playing for big clubs overseas make it go from bright to bonkers.

The future is bright, USA fans. I'm already excited to see a Powers assist on a Green goal to win the World Cup in Moscow, how about you?