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The Daily Wave: "Terraced" Dynamics

Rapids supporters group Centennial 38 made a bold move from the terraces to Section 117 last week. If the move becomes permanent, what should be done with the old Terrace section? Voice your opinion in the comments section.

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Something very special took place at Dick's Sporting Goods Park last Friday evening. No, I'm not talking about Pablo Mastroeni's immortalization as a Rapids legend, nor am I talking about the revival of the Rapids' first Designated Player, Gaby Torres. Both stories have grabbed all the headlines (as they rightly should) but I'm talking about the story that took place in the stands.

I'm talking about the exodus of Centennial 38 from the North Side Terraces to Section 117 of the South End.

As mentioned in this space a few weeks ago, many fans were touting the presence of C38 outside of the Terrace and amongst the other fans during a US Open Cup match Friday night. Up against former assistant coach Wilmer Cabrera and Chivas USA, C38 made the move for a regular season match.

Perched behind the south goal in Section 117, the move drew mostly rave reviews from other fans, who cited the contagious intensity and increased crowd involvement as reasons the move should become permanent. Should a permanent residency in the south end be on the horizon for C38, it does leave the Rapids Organization with a very tricky question to answer: What should be done with the old terraces?

The Rapids could take a page out of the Rockies playbook and build an in-stadium bar to replace the Terrace. Anyone who has been to a Colorado Rockies game this year will have surely visited the incredible new rooftop bar in the upper stands of right field that was constructed during the off-season to generate new revenue and interest in the team.

No one can argue with the huge financial success The Rooftop has been for the Rockies this season. Could it work for the Rapids? That's a different story. For starters, DSGP just renovated their in-stadium bar last year. Building a brand new one seems like a waste of resources. Secondly, The Rooftop works for the Rockies because they have a downtown stadium. "Want to go to a bar downtown? Why not enjoy a Rockies game too?" Something tells me Commerce City doesn't have the same appeal at the moment. And finally, as nice as a beautiful new bar would be, it takes people out of their seats and away from the game. Not exactly the atmosphere the Rapids Front Office is looking to build.

So, Burgundy Wave Community, I leave it to you. Should the C38 move be permanent, what would you like to see in place of the terraces? (For the sake of innovative ideas, let's pretend the very real issue of money doesn't exist.) A restaurant? A bar? A cornhole play area? Perhaps just additional seating? Express your thoughts in the comments section below.

UPDATE: C38 says the switch was just a test run for now.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p><a href="">@Thormometer</a> Nothing planned right now. It was a one game experiment.</p>&mdash; Centennial 38 SG (@C38sg) <a href="">July 29, 2014</a></blockquote>

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