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So Pablo Is In, Who Is Next?

With Pablo Mastroeni inducted into the Rapids Gallery of Honor, Burgundy Wave wonders who could be next to get that honor.

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Friday night was a terrific night in Commerce City.  The Colorado Rapids played a fantastic match and dispatched a team in such a way that give hope that this team is capable of making a serious run at the MLS Cup.  But what made the night truly fantastic was seeing Pablo Mastroeni inducted into the Rapids Gallery of Honor.  After watching the induction ceremony (while getting a bit misty I must say), I wondered who could possibly be the next player that might get that honor.  Here is the list I came up with:

Conor Casey

Our old #9 certainly has the statistics to back up a claim at induction.  He played for the Rapids for five years, logging 119 appearances, and is the Rapids all time leading scorer with 50 goals.  He scored in the MLS Cup Championship in 2010 and wore the colors well when he was here.  His departure from the Rapids could have been smoother, but that does not take away from his achievements and impact on the club.  Chances of Induction: Near Lock

Drew Moor

The Rapids Captain has been a stalwart in the defense since his arrival in 2009 and helped to solidify a shaky back line that was the foundation of the 2010 Championship team.  He has played in over 150 matches for the Rapids and has chipped in 13 goals over his Rapids tenure.  He took over the Captain's armband from Mastroeni when he went down with injury and has not looked back.  Chances of Induction:  Near Lock

Matt Pickens

There has not been a goalkeeper inducted into the Gallery of Honor and Pickens has the best chance of being the first one.  For as important as Mastroeni, Moor and Casey were to the 2010 Cup winning team, without Pickens saves in Toronto, the Rapids do not win that match.  It can be said that he made some boneheaded mistakes over his time in Burgundy, but that does not diminish his importance and impact on the Rapids.  He had 116 matches in Commerce City with 29 clean sheets.  Chances of Induction:  Possibly, but not right away

Omar Cummings

Cummings played five years in Colorado and was influential on the 2010 Championship team, however his form dropped after that season due to his injury issues and also injuries to his strike partner Casey.  When Cummings was at his best, he was one of the best strikers in the game.  He played 148 matches for the Rapids and added 39 goals in his time here.  Chances of Induction:  50-50 at best

Terry Cooke

Cooke was a fan favorite during his time with the Rapids, but did not have the impact that some of the other players on this list.  He played over 100 games in Burgundy, but did not have the longevity with the club nor the statistics to justify such and honor.  Chances of Induction:  Doubtful

Jeff Larentowicz

The Ginger Ninja was a favorite of supporters and did well in his time with the Rapids, but played less than 100 matches in Burgundy.  Although he helped anchor the midfield in his three years in Colorado, he did not play long enough in Commerce City nor did he have the impact that the Gallery of Honor demands.  Chances of Induction:  Doubtful

Kyle Beckerman

The immediate reaction is no freaking way as he is the Captain of our arch rival, but Beckerman did spend five years in Denver but did not become what he is today until the trade to Real Salt Lake.  He did play 145 matches, but that alone does not warrant induction.  Chances of Induction: None.

Other Possibilities

Arguments could me made for players such as Marvell Wynne, Nick LaBrocca, Dillon Powers and Deshorn Brown, but those are best had several years from now to see how these players continue to progress in their Rapids careers.

What do you think?  Use the comment section below to let us know!