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Portland Timbers vs. Colorado Rapids - The good, the bad, the ugly

Colorado Rapids fell to Portland Timbers 2-1, but things are not looking all that bad for the Burgundy Boys.

Susan Ragan-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Rapids made the journey to the great Pacific Northwest this past Friday to take on Western Conference foe Portland Timbers and dropped a 2-1 decision in Portland.  The Rapids were led by a Deshorn Brown goal, but also suffered a couple of injuries that turned the game in the favor of the Timbers.  Despite the loss, the Rapids are still in playoff position with two winnable games on the docket in the next week.  Oh, and something special this Friday in Commerce City as Rapids legend Pablo Mastroeni will be inducted into the Gallery of Honor.

Here is The Good, The Bad, The Ugly--Colorado Rapids, Round 19

The Good--The Recognition

It is well known that Pablo Mastroeni is joining the Rapids Gallery of Honor this Friday before the Chivas USA match.  I wrote about my feelings about him last week and I can think of no other person that personifies the Rapids as much as Pablo does.  The Rapids do not retire numbers, but they do something much better by having the Gallery of Honor.  It allows the team and fans to share their appreciation for Pablo and what he meant for the club and for Major League Soccer.  It will be a wonderful night as the greatest Rapids takes his place of honor.

The Bad--Minor Knocks

The Rapids were in this game until they lost two very important players.  The Rapids were doing well in combating the Timbers attacks and were having some success with attacks on goal, but after Brown went down, the Rapids attack looked flaccid with Danny Mwanga up front.  But the larger blow was when Marlon Hairston went down and the Rapids had no one that could replace him.  His work rate was solid and he was doing well in his midfield role.  Gabriel Torres was brought on for him after the injury, but Torres is not a midfielder and could not do what Hairston was able to do.

The Ugly--Missed Opportunities, but....

Yes, our Burgundy Boys dropped a tough one to a Timbers team that NEEDED this game.  But based on what I saw, there is nothing to fear from that Timbers team and the Rapids have winnable games starting this Friday against Chivas USA.  After taking on the Goats on Friday, the Rapids travel to Foxboro to take on New England Revolution (losers of seven in a row) and Rocky Mountain Rivals, Real Salt Lake next Saturday.  If the Rapids play their game, I can see at least seven points out of those three matches.

Friday night will be a special night for the Rapids as they say thank you to Pablo for his time in Colorado and the Rapids have a chance to get one over on a Chivas USA team that smacked the Rapids in May.  A win over Chivas USA can act as a springboard that could drive the Rapids further up the table.