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Colorado Rapids vs. Portland Timbers - Player ratings

Colorado Rapids traveled to the Pacific Northwest dropped a tough 2-1 decision in a match where they played well enough to win but were undone by two good strikes on goal.

Susan Ragan-USA TODAY Sports

Friday's game was an interesting one to watch as Colorado Rapids dropped a 2-1 decision to Portland Timbers at Providence Park in Portland, Oregon.  On one hand, the Rapids played pretty well.  They did a decent job at times throughout the match and had their chances to put more in the back of the net.  But, on the other hand, they badly lost the possession battle and struggled to put together complete pushes up the field.  They had a lack of defensive concentration at times, and in the second half there was a feeling of inevitability with this result.  With the loss in Portland, the Rapids are now 0-1-2 in their last three and have a "must-win" on Friday night at Dick's Sporting Goods Park.

Here is how I saw the match:

Clint Irwin 6.5

Irwin made four saves on the night, but could not do much with the two Timbers goal.  The game winner was a world class strike that no one was going to get to.

Chris Klute 6

Klute played well, as did the bulk of the Rapids defense on the night, but seemed to struggle a bit in moving forward up the pitch.  He lost his man on the first Timbers goal, but it was a still a good goal and not sure that you can pile all of the blame on Klute for that one.

Drew Moor 6.5

Moor played well in central defense and some of the mental mistakes that plagued him in the previous match were not there.  Although Portland controlled the lions share of possession, Moor was good and preventing them from doing more with that possession.

Marvell Wynne 6.5

Wynne moved over into central defense and partnered with Moor on the evening.  Was effective in clogging the middle and was able to push the ball forward when needed.

Thomas Piermayr  6.5

Piermayr made the start on the right side for the Rapids and looked solid all night.  He pushed forward and was able to make some key passes that helped start the Rapids attack.

Dillon Powers 6.5

Powers played well, but took a soccer ball to the head in the first half.  He did not seem to be as crisp after that, but I did appreciate Pablo making sure he was good to go.

Jared Watts 5.5

Watts has to bury the chance late in the game.  He just has to do it.  Yikes.

Carlos Alvarez 6.5

Alvarez made his first start in Burgundy and displayed some of the reasons why he was brought over in a trade earlier this month.  He played the full 90, generating three shots (one on target) and looked solid in the midfield.

Marlon Hairston 7.5

Hairston had his best game of his MLS career.  When he went out with injury in the 65th, the Rapids were unable to duplicate what he was doing on the pitch and this ultimately led to the two Timbers goals.

Dillon Serna 6.5

Serna's pace caused some problems for a poor Portland defense and he made a number of dangerous runs that with better finishing from him (and the team) could have led to more goals.

Deshorn Brown 7.5

Losing Brown so early to an injury really changed the Rapids fortunes.  He was dangerous all night and Portland had zero answer for him.  If he stays in the game, there is no doubt that this result is different.  Rapids fans everywhere have to hope that Brown is not out for any serious length of time.


Danny Mwanga 6

I was quite critical of Mwanga getting on the field for the injured Brown, but he was better than I expected him to be.  The real shocker was why Torres did not get the call in this situation.

Gabriel Torres 6

Torres is not a midfielder and there is nothing wrong with that.  He would not have been my first choice to bring in for an injured Hairston (I would have brought him on for Brown), but did manage one shot in 25 minutes of work.

Kamani Hill N/A

Late game cameo for Hill who replaced Serna as the Rapids looked for the equalizer.