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Colorado Rapids Thugcast, Episode 63: Post World Cup Blues

Time for the doldrums that always come after the World Cup. Fortunately, that wild 3-3 draw against Philly should perk us up on the Thugcast today.

Unfortunately, because of a scheduling issue we've had to cancel tonight's Thugcast.

Woe is everyone. The doldrums have hit, because the World Cup has come to a conclusion. It's a natural reaction, really. Anyway, Germany won the whole shebang, finishing off one of the best World Cups ever with a superb extra-time goal to knock Argentina out and ruin my chances of bragging to Ben about picking the winner correctly tonight. Oh well.

Past that, we have a bonkers 3-3 draw against the Philadelphia Union on the cards, and there will most certainly be a deep, deep well of material available from that one to draw from. A nationally televised game against the Portland Timbers should be another fun topic of discussion: it's the movable object vs. the resistible force in terms of defense vs. defense in that one. Should be fun.

Click on this text right here or on the big Thugcast logo below to be taken to the show page for tonight. We start, as usual, at 7 pm Mountain Time. Click or call in!