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Vicente Sanchez Has Been Suspended After All By MLS Disciplinary Committee

And as we said before, it's completely deserved.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard to say we're not disappointed, but it's nice to see the MLS Disciplinary Committee actually get one right now and then. After radio silence and an announcement of a different suspension long before they finally got around to us, Vicente Sanchez was finally announced as suspended earlier today.

His high tackle during the Columbus Crew match on July 4th, as we pointed out earlier today, was a pretty awful one regardless of whether or not there was an injury involved, and a suspension was the correct call. A two-game suspension for such a challenge is debatable, but I imagine it wouldn't be a debate that would last more than a minute or two.

With Sanchez out, we can probably expect someone like Charles Eloundou to get the minutes against a Philadelphia backline that, if it can't be picked apart by precision, looks pretty vulnerable to some good old fashioned speed.