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MLS Disciplinary Committee Fumbles Again, But In Our Favor This Time

We're going to keep calling out the MLS Disciplinary for inconsistent and awful decision-making, even though this time around, the cards fell in our favor.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

We like to think of ourselves as nothing if not level-headed over here at Burgundy Wave. I, at the very least, like to try and keep a level head on all things MLS, trying not to let Rapids-centric thinking overtake the ol' noggin when writing about whatever I happen to be writing about at any given time. With that in mind, the MLS Disciplinary Committee is going to get another tongue lashing on our blog, even though this time their screw-up was in our favor.

We railed against the MLSDC not once, but twice after their ignoring Alan Gordon's elbowjob on Shane O'Neill's head earlier this season. We've also called them out for picking and choosing exactly what 'simulation' plays they were reviewing. And though we never actually wrote about it, there were a few grumbles out of our camp when Dillon Serna was fined for something that nobody actually saw during the game that his suspension arose from.

That brings us to Vicente Sanchez, who badly injured a Columbus Crew player last week after a sliding tackle to the knee with an upraised leg. It was a challenge immediately called out on Twitter by just about everyone, and one that rightly should have ended in Sanchez being sent off. But he wasn't. Enter the MLSDC? Ha.

As far as we can tell, the only MLSDC decision this week involved New England Revolution midfielder Lee Nguyen, who was suspended for a game. That would appear to mean Sanchez, through whatever level of wizardry he had to unveil, managed to escape their vision. And yes, it's still wrong. It may not have been Alan Gordon elbowing someone in the face off the ball, but it was a dangerous challenge regardless of injury, and some sort of card should have come from it in-game. That's what the MLSDC is supposed to be for, and they failed it again. Even if we're going to be happy about the decision as fans of a certain team, this remains a problem for the league overall; they need to either get rid of it altogether and stop pretending it's doing much good, or get some better standards together for clearly red-worthy challenges like this one.

Make no mistake, losing Sanchez would have hurt a heck of a lot against the Philadelphia Union and I'm incredibly happy that he's going to likely be in the 18 come tomorrow's match. If he scores, though, I'm going to cheer with a bit of a nagging feeling in my head. That's life with the MLSDC in it, I guess.