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Colorado Rapids vs. Houston Dynamo - Man Of The Match

Who was the man of the match during the superb 3-0 trouncing of the Dynamo?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, we've got a lot of options here. A 3-0 win over the Houston Dynamo was about as good as it could have gotten for the Colorado Rapids, and there were tons of solid appearances all over the field.  Who was the your man of the match, though? Good luck picking and choosing between probably the most rock-solid group in one of these polls all year -- I predict that a few other guys (Marvell Wynne, anyone?) will get a few votes as well in the Other category. It was just that good.

Dillon Powers: A second straight two-point game, putting in one of his soon-to-be-famous through balls to get Deshorn Brown 1v1 with the keeper before whipping a solid cross into the box on a corner kick that Kamani Hill kung fu'd into the net. No. 8 now has two goals and three assists, quickly sneaking up on his numbers from last year already and single-handedly getting the Rapids offense going.

Deshorn Brown: Brown was voted the MLS player of the week after having perhaps his best game in a Rapids uniform. He used his strength and speed to create bunches of chances for himself as usual, but also had an as-of-yet unseen amount of composure to go along with it. If Deshorn can ever find finishing half that good for the length of a full season, he'll be an all-star.

Kamani Hill: Come on, just watch that goal again.