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USA vs. Germany - Game Preview

The United States control their own destiny when it comes to getting through to the round of sixteen, but can they do it against the toughest team in their group?

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

But only for a hilarious flub by Geoff Cameron and a hideous mistake from Micheal Bradley, the US Men's National Team could use tomorrow as a breather, having taken care of a sluggish Portugal team for all but the first five minutes (and last five seconds) of the match last weekend. Instead, they'll have to make something happen against the toughest team in the group

How can this work out? Well, our friends over at Center Line Soccer made a nifty little infographic.


That's right, there's a chance that the USA win the group and... Ghana finish second. That's an interesting one, though totally not going to happen.

Anyway, the Germans and the US both need nothing but a draw in order to advance here. Unfortunately, neither team seems willing to make camp in the center circle and pass around some smokes, so instead we're going to have to play some actual soccer.

Germany is better than the US, but stumbled against the physical and fast Ghanaian team last match. The US have some physical presence in the midfield and should be pretty difficult to break down, which means this one might end up being far more interesting than anyone might expect it to be. Go go USA and all that.