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Colorado Rapids Thugcast, Episode 62: Open Cup Closes

We spent the last two shows talking mostly World Cup. That'll probably remain true tonight, because lol Open Cup.

Hoo boy, if this week wasn't setting up one of the most entertaining Colorado Rapids Thugcasts of all time, I don't know what was. That match against the Atlanta Silverbacks last night was something that could only be described as a dumpster fire, and it meant the Rapids are out of the Open Cup. Combine that with one of the most bonkers FIFA World Cups ever and you've got yourself some entertainment.

In addition to the Atlanta thing and the USA's chances against Germany (along with other World Cup talk -- Costa Rica vs. Greece?!?!) we've got a match against actual MLS competition coming up against the Vancouver Whitecaps this weekend. Wait, does that decent looking squad against the Silverbacks mean we're going to see a Chicago Fire-type roster from Pablo Mastroeni that match? Oy vey. Best not to think about.

You can get to the Thugcast show page by clicking this text right here or the big Thugcast logo below. Join us at 7 pm Mountain Time!