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Extra Matches At Dick's Sporting Goods Park Are Fun For Everyone!

The U.S. Open cup tournament was played last night in Colorado. Why i'm glad the Rapids are taking this seriously. It's playoff atmosphere in June!

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Two weeks back to back in June the Rapids played in two matches in the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup. They haven't hosted a game from this competition since 2007. Except for the MLS title they won in 2010 it felt like the Rapids didn't really try in one and done game situations. I'm glad the Rapids are trying to win more silverware. There are other benefits to this attitude. The best part is that everyone wins!

Let's start with the fans. Some fans would say, "who wants to tailgate on a Tuesday?"  I say, "Who doesn't want to tailgate on a Tuesday?" The cheapest craft beer you will find at any stadium in Colorado at the C38 tailgate is more than enough reason to get me to change my usual weekday routine to go to the DSG Park in Commerce City. It's also a chance to sit somewhere else in the stadium. There is no bad seat in the place. But a different perspective is sometimes a welcome change. The most important part is the playoff atmosphere. Which makes the game more interesting for the fans and players.

Since the MLS is a league that ends the season with a tournament maybe it would behoove MLS teams to start their best possible line-ups and put the MLS fixtures on the back burner. Getting a spot in the tournament beats being the number one seed and going out in the first round of the MLS Cup playoff. Although winning the Supporters Shield means a spot in the CONCACAF Champions League. If the team fields their second string against the best the rest of CONCACAF has to offer then what's the point. It looks to me a case of not seeing the forest for the trees. If the United States doesn't take their federations champions league seriously then how are other countries going to treat us? If the MLS truly wants to get the Hispanic fan. Don't insult them. Give them something to be excited about. Let's try to educate the domestic U.S.A. fan a little more. My particular teaching style is that of a drill sergeant. Berating until the student learns and building the student back up to a fighting machine.

Even though the Rapids are out of the U.S. Open Cup and maybe their best chance at getting to CONCA Champions league next year we learned many important things about the team. Head Coach Pablo Mastroeni wants to win. Captain Drew Moor wants to win. Playing extra games at the DSG Park is a good experience for everyone. The fan gets to see a team that normally wouldn't visit. The players get to play more soccer. The chance for more silverware and a playoff atmosphere is what drives soccer fanatics. We are watching world class soccer everyday during the World Cup.Getting the adrenaline of a sporting event that crushes dreams and makes heroes. Getting that feeling is what gets people addicted to sport. Extra matches at the DSG Park gives people that feeling more than once a year if your team can make the MLS playoffs.