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Should C38 Consider Moving Within DSGP?

The US Open Cup match last Tuesday against Orlando City saw the Rapids supporter group, Centennial 38, move from their regular terrace to the heart of the usual crowd. After receiving favorable feedback, should this be a permanent move?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The long, three-week break is finally coming to an end and the Rapids return to MLS action this weekend against the Vancouver Whitecaps. Fans were not completely starved of Rapids action, though, as they cruised to a 5-2 revenge victory over Orlando City in a US Open Cup match last Tueday.

If you watched it online via live-stream (like myself) then you probably assumed there wasn't a single soul at the game because the stands on the east and south side were completely desolate. You may have even drawn the conclusion it was a closed match when you noticed even the Supporters Terrace on the north side was deserted. Fans who actually made the trip out to Dick's Sporting Goods Park had a different view, however.

It was a decent crowd for an early US Open Cup game against a USL Pro side. Fans were seated on the west side of the stadium (the only side the cameras couldn't catch), including the Rapids' supporters group, Centennial 38. C38 sitting with rest of the crowd, rather than on their own in the Supporters' Terrace, seemed to turn some heads. It even led some fans to wonder if the move should become permanent.

These fans bring up an interesting point. Would plopping the C38 section right in the middle of the rest of the crowd improve the atmosphere at DSGP? Technically, C38 already has a "side" home in section 108, although they aren't quite as boisterous as their Terrace brethren. Traditionally in MLS, supporters club sections are located behind one or both goals (think Brougham End of Seattle Sounders, The Cauldron of Sporting KC, Timbers Army, Empire Supporters Club, etc.). The only club who really differs from the norm are DC United. La Barra Brava has been leading the charge for United fans from midfield seats of RFK Stadium since the league began. Could the same sort of thinking work the Rapids? Or perhaps even a move to the less-secluded south endline?

Rapids President Tim Hinchey responded to tweets about a possible move, claiming it was all up to C38.

What are your thoughts on Centennial 38 moving from the Terrace to another location within the crowd? Will it ruin the unique home they have already? Or will it take them from seclusion to the limelight? For readers who attended the match last Tuesday, did you notice a distinct difference? Leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below, and vote on where you think C38 could best support the club.