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2014 FIFA World Cup June 19 Open Thread

Group B has essentially been sorted, but there are some wide open groups getting another few games in on Thursday.

Laurence Griffiths

Every day of the World Cup, we'll have a preview of the day's events. Feel free to chat about the day's matches in here as they unfold.

Spain is out already? What? Yeah, this World Cup has been bonkers. Who thought that Group of Death-looking Group B would be essentially the first one decided? I certainly didn't. Anyway, we're back to the

Colombia vs. Ivory Coast - 10 am

The two winners from the first round of matches face off. Can a Didier Drogba cameo work that much magic twice in a row? Probably not, especially against the all-around best team in the group. The Ivory Coast would have to do very well to stifle the Colombian attack before even worrying about scoring goals of their own.

Uruguay vs. England - 1 pm

Somehow, England actually had the best passing performance of any team in the first round of group stage matches. Unfortunately, they couldn't turn that into goals, and today they'll face a fellow first-round loser in Uruguay who are going to be really, really mad. I'm not feeling this for England.

Greece vs. Japan - 4 pm

Japan were unlucky to run into the Drogba train last time they played, but against Greece they should have an easier time racing forward without having to worry quite as much about getting battered offensively by the other squad. Greece look like the odd man out in this group at the moment after being crushed by Colombia, and Japan should see this as a chance to get right back into the mix -- I still think they're the second best team in the group, so they'll have no excuse not to at least have a good showing.