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2014 FIFA World Cup June 18 Open Thread

The game that will likely decide Group B comes today, along with Croatia's first action since getting, some would say unfairly, shuffled aside by Brazil in the tournament's opening day.

Clive Brunskill

Every day of the World Cup, we'll have a preview of the day's events. Feel free to chat about the day's matches in here as they unfold.

We're into the second round of matches for the World Cup's group stage, and nearly every day has had a few 'Wow' moments up until now. Every group is still wide open, though we're getting to the point where some Groups will essentially be decided by a single game (one of those games is today!).

Australia vs. Netherlands - 10 am
There is essentially no chance of Australia getting through at this point, but they showed a lot more against Chile than they were expected to. Did the Netherlands waste all of their goalscoring on the Spain game? Either way, this will probably be a game for Goal Differential and not much else.

Spain vs. Chile - 1 pm
If this game doesn't end in a draw, it's probably going to decide Group B. With both Chile and Holland holding very good goal differential numbers over the Spaniards, even a draw would be a decent result for the Chileans, and a win would be even better. However, Spain will be favored to get back to their old form -- remember, Spain lost their first match of the 2010 Cup as well, albeit by nowhere near as many goals -- and a win for them by a few goals would keep them right in the thick of things. This is easily the match to watch of the day.

Croatia vs. Cameroon - 4 pm
Brazil and Mexico drawing 0-0 yesterday gave Croatia a potential launching point for getting right back into Group A. If Croatia get a big win over Cameroon, they'll essentially control their own destiny with their final match coming against the Mexicans, who have only a +1 goal differential to go with their four points. Of course, Cameroon can spoil the party and put themselves into a position to get through to the round of sixteen, or, more likely, seal Brazil and Mexico as the top two, with a win themselves. A draw would make that even more likely.