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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly - World Cup Break Edition

The Rapids are officially on their World Cup break from MLS action, but that does not mean a lack of games for the Burgundy Boys.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

After a bit of a stumble in their last week of MLS action, Colorado Rapids are enjoying their World Cup break as their season transitions to US Open Cup action.  On Tuesday night, the Rapids take on Orlando City in Open Cup play.  Can the Rapids break through and pick up a victory against the Lions?  Or will this year be like last year?  And, there is that other tournament going on a bit South of us to talk about

Here is The Good, The Bad, The Ugly--World Cup Break Edition

The Good--It Is All About The 3

Whether it is the Rapids in the US Open Cup or the United States Men's National Team, it is all about the 3.  Does it need to be pretty?  No?  Does it need to be a blowout?  No?  Does it need to be a perfectly paced game, stringing thirty shots together before a ripper in the upper right corner.  No?  All that matters is the 3 points.  I was thinking about this as I watched the United States defeat Ghana 2-1 in Natal, Brazil yesterday.  It was not pretty football.  In fact, for large portions of the game, the United States looked second best.  But the USMNT was able to play solid defense and took advantage of a tremendous corner by Graham Zusi and an excellent header by John Brooks.  They did what they needed to do to win.

The Good (Part 2)--And Because It Is About The 3

The Rapids did something that they have not been able to do this year on Tuesday night: beat an inferior opponent at home.  They suffered a disheartening defeat to Chivas USA and tied Chicago Fire and San Jose Earthquakes at home.  They are better then all three teams, but the Rapids came away with less then satisfying results.  Tuesday night at Dick's Sporting Goods Park the Rapids took on an inferior opponent and came away with a resounding result.  A 5-2 victory over Orlando City allowed them to advance in the US Open Cup, but also allowed them to exorcise some demons.  And their reward: a date next week in Round 5 of the Cup against Atlanta Silverbacks.

The Ugly--Another (mini) Rant About The DisCO

I know that I have complained before about the MLS Disciplinary Committee...not so much that the DisCO is in existence, but their lack of transparency and their inconsistency is what drives me, and many other fans of MLS bonkers.  Dillon Serna was suspended for one match for his hard tackle in the FC Dallas game.  I am not saying that this suspension was not warranted, but how is Serna's suspension warranted when other players go unpunished?  (Looking at you San Jose).  Until the DisCO can be more transparent and have the consistency required for a committee such as that, it will be seen as a joke.  And Major League Soccer can do better than that.

A wild week in US Soccer sees the Burgundy Boys take the next step in the US Open Cup and also saw the USMNT claim a crucial victory over Ghana.  Can both of our teams continue their push for a Cup?  All those questions get answered on Sunday as the USMNT takes on Portugal and on Tuesday as the Rapids play the Silverbacks.