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Colorado Rapids Thugcast, Episode 60: World Cup!

The World Cup is on, and so is the Rapids Thugcast!

Brazil and Croatia officially kicked off the 2014 FIFA World Cup earlier today, and that, of course, is going to be the main topic of discussion for the Colorado Rapids Thugcast today. Both the game itself (lol controversial referees) and the tournament as a whole. I know who I've got winning it all, but who does Ben have? And how will the USMNT do in their fairly tough group?

Oh yeah, and the Rapids apparently played FC Dallas last weekend. Ben will talk about that and I will nod along, since I was in Vermont and did not get a chance to watch the match. Oh well.

Click on the giant Thugcast logo below or on this text right here to be taken to the Rapids Thugcast show page. Make sure to either tune in or call in at 7 p.m. Mountain Time (that's about an hour from now, guys!) tonight.