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Dave Dir Named President And Executive Director Of Colorado Storm

Former Rapids Assistant Coach Dave Dir takes on a new position in the great state of Colorado.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

So many stories that you hear these days in the soccer world are of the negative aspect of the game.  From referees screwing up calls to players taking dives to people lambasting their teams after one bad game, so much we hear is not positive.

With that in mind, it was very pleasant to hear some good news this week out of Colorado as former Colorado Rapids Assistant Head Coach Dave Dir was named President/Executive Director of Colorado Storm.  Colorado Storm are an organization that helps build youth players throughout Colorado and having a person the caliber of Dir running the operation is nothing but a benefit.  As the Rapids have shown over the past several seasons they are completely committed to bringing in youth players and getting them on board rather than signing older more established MLS Players.  Having a better youth program, whether it is with the Storm or some other organization is good for Colorado Youth Soccer and in turn is better for the Rapids.

Dir has been around the block as a player, coach, and broadcaster and is extremely familiar with the American soccer scene.  And keeping Dir in Colorado working with Colorado youth soccer players will do nothing but continue the growth of the world's game here in the Centennial State.