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MLS DisCO Says No To Simulation But Yes To Elbows

Major League Soccer fines Rob Friend for a dive in the match against the Burgundy Boys, and yet Alan Gordon got nothing for elbowing Shane O'Neill in the head.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

In the least shocking development of the year, the Disciplinary Committee of Major League Soccer was consistent with their inconsistency in fining Los Angeles Galaxy forward Rob Friend for "embellishment" for his dive in the match against Colorado Rapids.  As you remember, in the 61st minute, Friend took a dive when playing against Rapids defender Drew Moor.  It was a blatant dive and supporters at Dick's Sporting Goods Park were in agreement in expressing their displeasure.  Fortunately for the Rapids, and soccer integrity everywhere, the penalty kick was missed and the Rapids went on to win the match.

What is completely frustrating is that Friend was fined for this dive and yet thugs like Alan Gordon can get away with elbows to the head with no punishment.  Hey, good on Gordon for getting away with it, but that kind of blatant foul with the intention of hurting an opponent is what the DisCo is set up to take care of.  How can you expect a player such as Gordon to actually change his behavior without a fear of repercussions.  He could have seriously injured Shane O'Neill and yet nothing happened to Gordon.

I get that referees cannot see everything.  They are human and I would never expect them to get every call correct.  That is OK with me.  But when you have blatant thuggery from someone like Gordon that goes unpunished and yet a dive from Friend is fined you have to ask yourself if the MLS DisCO is actually paying attention to what is out there or just picking and choosing what is actionable and what is not.

Somewhere I suspect Richard Fleming is shaking his head.