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Cinco De Mayo Fun: Let's Make A Colorado Rapids vs. San Jose Earthquakes Drinking Game!

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Let's prepare to drink ourselves to death in two days, when the Rapids play the Earthquakes again, instead of today.

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone! Since this is a favorite holiday of random people who like to drink for absolutely no reason even though they don't actually know what the holiday is about (St. Patrick's Day with sombreros, really), I figure it's about time to come up with a fun drinking game.

That's not solely because it's CdM, of course. The Rapids' next game on Wednesday is against the San Jose Earthquakes, and we can probably bet the house on that game being as horrendous an affair as... well, as the last like five times that the Rapids and Earthquakes have met. Instead of watching it in varying amounts of pain, I think a drinking game might actually be enough to inject some level of entertainment into it.

So here we go, a few starters for the Rapids vs. Quakes Drinking Game (patent pending):

* Longball from either side
* Referee lets something go
* Richard Fleming mentions either Gordon's or Jahn's fouls from the last match
* A shot by either team is off-target

* A goal is scored (you might be all right on this one)

Add in your own ideas below.