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Colorado Rapids Will Face Orlando City Lions In US Open Cup Round Four

Orlando City routed the Rowdies on Wednesday night and will fly to DSGP for a match on June 17th.


Colorado always seems to get drawn against teams from Florida these days in the US Open Cup, and two of them battled it out tonight for the right to move on in the Cup and face the Rapids at DSGP in mid-June. Tampa Bay didn't last very long against Orlando City in what, by all accounts, was one of the most hilarious games of soccer ever played on a non-regulation sized field.

Yeah. Orlando ended up winning the match 4-1, and will face the Rapids at DSGP on June 17th. This will be a re-match from last season, where the Rapids were knocked out in their first round by a spirited Lions side who put up three goals on Steward Ceus and a depleted Colorado team. This time around, Ceus won't be in goal, so that's on our side right from the outset. We'll see if Pablo Mastroeni actually takes the Open Cup seriously now that its in our backyard.