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Despite Slumping Rapids Form, Gabriel Torres Called Up By Panama

Gabriel Torres' form for the Rapids has been sinking, but Panama will still utilize him in two friendlies.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

It was partially Gabriel Torres' red-hot form for the Panamanian National Team that made him Designated Player-worthy for the Colorado Rapids, who spent a decent chunk of transfer money on him last season. Unfortunately, his form this year has been just as bad as the rest of Colorado's offense.

Despite that, he's been called up by Panama for two friendly matches against Serbia, on May 31st, and Brazil, on June 3rd.

Paul Bravo and the Rapids coaching staff have noted fitness issues have been marring Torres' game all season, though despite that he's received five starts and eight appearances through Colorado's 4-4-3 start to the year. He has looked a step behind in just about every aspect of his game this year, and perhaps getting some minutes and training with Panama will prepare him to do the work we expected when he returns to the Rapids in June.

Torres may be out for all three of Colorado's early June matches thanks to the Panama matches, with the next match after the 7th coming on June 28th.