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Marvell Wynne For Dilly Duka: Why Not?

How about a trade proposal to start the week off right for the Colorado Rapids?


The Chicago Fire finally won their first game of the year last weekend, knocking off the New York Red Bulls in a blistering affair, 5-4. Harrison Shipp, Chicago's newest homegrown player, is the light and the truth. They have a great, special young player in Shipp, and it might be leaving Dilly Duka, who they got from the Crew a while back, out of the lineup.

MLS Analyst Matt Doyle tweeted this during the NYRB-Fire bananas affair:

Full disclosure here, I'm a Dilly Duka fanboy and have always wanted him on the Rapids. So I figured after that was said, why not see if I could think of a way to get him out to Colorado? It wasn't very hard to come up with an idea. The Fire very badly need help defensively, and the Rapids very much need a guy to add some extra class to their offense from the midfield when Vicente Sanchez isn't around.

Marvell Wynne for Dilly Duka, anyone? The best center back pairing for the Rapids is clearly Drew Moor and Shane O'Neill, and they added more depth there by bringing in Gale Agbossoumonde earlier in the week. Wynne's a versatile guy who is probably worth a lot to a team in more need of defenders than the Rapids are (see: Chicago). I think this could be a decent trade for the Rapids, who clearly don't mind making a trade or two to help deepen their squad.

Any other interesting trade proposals out there?