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Colorado Rapids vs. Seattle Sounders - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Defensive breakdowns and a lack of offensive push provides a lot of Bad and Ugly for Colorado Rapids in a 4-1 loss to Seattle Sounders FC.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

In a game that most Colorado Rapids supporters would like to forget, the Burgundy Boys were let down by poor defending and little offensive push in a 4-1 defeat to Seattle Sounders FC.  After an exciting 3-1-1 start to the season, the Rapids are winless in two and some serious questions are being asked about this team.

Here is The Good, The Bad, The Ugly-Colorado Rapids, Round 8

The Good-Dillon Serna

Making his first start since the opener against New York, Serna brought pace and the only goal for the Rapids on this tough day.  He has that something special that can't be taught and looked good for the majority of the game.  Although it was a collective ‘F' effort from the Rapids, Serna was the lone bright spot.

The Bad-Blaming Others

One thing in sport I cannot stand is blaming others.  Whether or not that blame is accurate is irrelevant.  You need to accept blame for your own shortcomings and not blame your teammates for it.  Gabriel Torres is not scoring.  He is a striker and that is what he should be doing.  He has one shot on goal all year and to blame your midfield for not getting you the ball is not something that should ever be brought up in public.  Torres needs to be better and quite frankly, he has stunk all year.  Is it the coaches fault for playing him out of position?  Is he not getting good service on the ball?  I truly don't care.  You are paid to put balls in the net, so do it and quit complaining.

The Ugly-Just A Rough Day

Seattle is a heck of a team.  The finally look like they will live up to the constant hype and have crowd support that would be envied by any professional team.  Going to Century Link and getting a result against this Seattle team was always going to be tough.  The Rapids got throttled and everyone on the pitch had a bad day.  These things happen.  How the team responds against Los Angeles Galaxy on Saturday is the telling stat.

Thankfully there will not be too many days like this for this team.  The Rapids have found ways of being resilient and bouncing back after tough results.  If the Rapids get run out of the park this weekend against Los Angeles Galaxy, then we have a problem.  But if they come back and put in a professional performance and get a result against another good team, then Rapids supports can breath a heavy sigh of relief.