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Colorado Rapids vs. Seattle Sounders - Man Of The Match Poll

It ended 4-1, but someone's still got to be the Man of the Match.

Otto Greule Jr

After a 4-1 loss, it's hard to pick out potential Man of the Match candidates, but we're here to ask the question win or lose. There were a few decent if not good performances against the Seattle Sounders yesterday, and I've got two potential candidates. Maybe you guys will have some other ideas in the comments below? It was a bit of a hard one to find many positives in.

Dillon Serna: The obvious choice here, the only real attacking spark that the Rapids had in the midfield against the Sounders, and was also able to nick a goal out of it as well. It was his first goal (of many, hopefully!) in Major League Soccer, and the first ever goal by a Rapids homegrown. That alone should give him some recognition in this poll.

Nick Labrocca: I thought Nick did a pretty darn good job of clogging up the midfield and getting in the right spots for link-up play, even as the rest of the midfield, save for Serna, didn't seem interested in doing so. Also had a nice cutting ball that turned into Serna's goal.