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Shane O'Neill Still Has To Eat A Geoduck After Super Bowl Bet

Uh... Bon appetit, Shane!

Pokemon Fusion

Remember when the Broncos lost the Super Bowl to the Seahawks by the score of very large number to very small number back in January? I'm betting that some of you reading this are trying to forget it, but Shane O'Neill probably has a better case than any of you to want it out of both sight and mind. Remember that bet that O'Neill had with DeAndre Yedlin? Yedlin has come to call with the Rapids heading to Seattle for a match against the Sounders this weekend:

For those who don't know, this, unfortunately, is not a Geoduck:


This is a Geoduck:

So, uh, good luck with that, Shane. If he starts projectile vomiting on the field come the match Saturday, I guess we'll know why.