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Colorado Rapids vs. San Jose Earthquakes - Player Ratings

Colorado Rapids find a way to play down to the level of competition and come away with a 0-0 draw that felt more like a loss.

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

On a wet and dreary day, Colorado Rapids played to a 0-0 tie with San Jose Earthquakes in a match that featured one shot on goal. Total. For both teams. It was a disappointing effort by the Burgundy Boys who went into the match riding a modest two game winning streak facing a Quakes team who had yet to win a game.

Here is how I saw the match:

GK: Clint Irwin 7

Irwin made zero saves on the night as San Jose struggled to get anything going but a clean sheet is a clean sheet.

DEF: Chris Klute 8

It was excellent to see Klute back on the pitch playing his familiar left back position. San Jose is not known for its vaunted offensive attack, but Klute helped to shut down whatever attack they had.

DEF: Drew Moor 8

Moor was partnered again with O'Neill and together they shut down Wondo and the thug Alan Gordon. Two games in a row with clean sheets is important as the Rapids are struggling to score goals.

DEF: Shane O'Neill 8

O'Neill was very good and took a thug shot from Alan Gordon in the second half. A younger O'Neill might have retaliated, but he is showing a maturity beyond his years.

DEF: Thomas Piermayr 8

It seems that the right back issue has finally been solved for the Rapids and you get the strong sense that the Klute-Moor-O'Neill-Piermayr is going to be the partnership going forward in the back.

MID: Nick LaBrocca 6

LaBrocca was OK on the night and had some opportunities in the first half to shoot, but did not take them. Was pulled in the second half for Dillon Serna.

MID: Vicente Sanchez 6.5

Sanchez was good on the night, but like the rest of the Rapids offensive players, struggled getting any rhythm going.

MID: Jared Watts 6.5

Watts looked like a veteran and even took an elbow to the head in one of the more thuggish moves by the Quakes. He registered the only shot on goal for either team and was helpful in the Rapids controlling possession.

MID: Dillon Powers 6.5

I hate to be too tough on Powers, but his job is to make the offensive engine run and the Rapids offense was terrible on the day.

F: Deshorn Brown 3

Strikers are paid to score goals. That is a fact. And what is also a fact is that Brown did not register a shot on goal and that makes it very difficult to score.

F: Edson Buddle 2

Please see Brown, Deshorn for my thoughts on Rapids strikers. What is more frustrating is that Buddle lost his man in the 1st minute which almost led to a goal for the Quakes. Poor defense and zero shots on goal means a terrible match for Buddle.


Dillon Serna 7

Serna brings that something special whenever he is on the pitch and Saturday was no exception. With as anemic as the Rapids offense was on Saturday, you have to wonder if he would have been a better choice to start the match.

Gabriel Torres N/A

Torres had a late game cameo (again) and did nothing (again) to distinguish himself. A supporter next to me asked why our DP is not starting. Well, zero goals this year is a big reason.