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Colorado Rapids vs San Jose Earthquakes - Man Of The Match Poll

Who was Colorado's best player in that dire 0-0 draw on Saturday?

Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

All right, I said we weren't going to dwell on that game all that much, but we still do need to pick out a Burgundy Wave Man of the Match regardless. So here's a couple of guys who I thought didn't do all that badly, even as the Rapids failed to score a goal. Unsurprisingly, some defense in these ranks!

Thomas Piermayr: Continued to impress with a solid performance down the right side. When he was able to push high enough to create width, probably had the best service of anyone on the Rapids.

Shane O'Neill: A very solid performance by the youngster, who continued to remind us that he belongs in the central defense. Shut down Alan Gordon for the majority of the match even as he continually was beaten up and hit with elbows.

Dillon Powers: Vicente Sanchez was very nearly my choice for this third spot, but Powers was just as strong in the center of midfield and didn't put in the multitude of awful corner kicks that Sanchez did.