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Colorado Rapids Thugcast Episode 54 - Caribous Edition

April Fools Day pranks! Penalty kicks! Sporting Kansas City! Penalty Kicks!

We missed last week, but this week we've got so much to talk about that it hardly even matters. Two full shows worth of stuff. In fact, we could probably spend the entire two hours (we will) talking about the Caribous of Colorado stunt that the Colorado Rapids pulled on us yesterday in a stroke of absolute genius.

Past that, we've got some more penalty kicks to chat about, along with my wonderful stories about witnessing the horror show that is RFK Stadium over the weekend. (As a result of my attending that game and being unable to find a bar that wasn't showing nothing but March Madness after it, I did not actually get to see the 3-2 loss to Sporting Kansas City, but I've watched the highlights and I think I've seen enough just from that, honestly.)

Click on these words here or on the big Thugcast logo below to go to the show page. As usual, it's starting at 7 p.m. Mountain Time. See you then!