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Dillon Serna, Shane O'Neill, Marlon Hairston Make US U-21 Camp

Three Rapids youngsters have been called into the USMNT's U-21 camp. All three are U-20 veterans for the USMNT.

Mike Stobe

We've talked a lot about the potential US Men's National Team future of a lot of the RapKids on the Colorado Rapids roster, but it's sometimes easy to forget that some of the guys in the discussion are still so young that they might still have some time in the younger teams ahead of them! On that end, three former USMNT U-20 players have been called in from the Colorado Rapids to Tab Ramos' US U-21 camp: Shane O'Neill, Dillon Serna, and Marlon Hairston.

This camp isn't for an actual team -- there is no official U-21 squad -- but is rather a collection of players who are likely to be called in for the U-23 team on the way to the 2016 Olympics for the United States.

None of the three are big surprises. Both O'Neill and Serna have showed their skill and ability in MLS this year and O'Neill in particular shined for the Rapids in 2013. Both also featured in the U-20 World Cup, where O'Neill was arguably the best player on the talented squad at times. Hairston missed out on the World Cup because of injury issues, but had been playing for the U-20 team prior to that.

We'll see if this leads to some time on the Olympics squad in 2013 and, eventually, actual minutes with the USMNT senior team. For all three guys, there is plenty of time for them to grow into those spots, and as long as their names keep getting called they will have plenty of advantage to build their youthful resumes.