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Colorado Rapids Thugcast, Episode 56 - Edson Buddle's Show Now!

Last week, we had Jose Mari. This week, we have Edson Buddle. Let's talk about the wonderfully gritty 1-0 win over Toronto FC on the Thugcast!

So, the Colorado Rapids are 3-1-1 after five games after one of the toughest opening schedules in Major League Soccer. Anyone predict that? Anyone predict we'd lose the Toronto FC match last weekend 5-0? Oh, hi Ben.

Joking aside, we've got all sorts of things to chat about on the Rapids Thugcast this week. A 1-0 win over Toronto FC in a ground the Rapids NEVER win in unless there's a trophy on the line, the continued story of the shiny 4-4-2 diamond formation, Dillon Serna's triumphant return... there's almost too much to talk about! Just kidding, Ben and I could probably go on for six hours if you just let us ramble that long. That's why we have time limits on these things.

Click on the Thugcast logo below or this text right here to be taken to the Rapids Thugcast show page for this week. Join us at 7 p.m. Mountain Time!