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Jose Mari's Wonderstrike Wins Goal Of The Week

Was it ever in doubt? Maybe, but not really. Jose Mari has the goal of the week and maybe the goal of the year.

Jeff Vinnick

Was it ever in doubt that Jose Mari's wonderstrike would win Goal of the Week this week? Yeah, a little bit, considering how notorious those things are for getting flooded whenever a Portland or Seattle player is in the running. Fortunately, having three Timbers players in there might have split them enough to give Jose Mari the runaway victory in it. That, or everyone just realized that yeah, there was no chance his goal shouldn't win the competition.

The Spaniard's first of two goals last Saturday broke physics as we know it, and will probably be in contention, barring some sort of glut of superb bicycle kicks or something, for the Goal of the Season award at the end of the year. Pretty impressive for a guy who just came into the league.

...Let's all just take it in one more time for good measure. Or one hundred more times. Honestly, it never gets old.