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Martin Rivero's Rights Traded To Chivas USA

Martin Rivero was expected to move somewhere else in MLS following his leaving the Rapids. After a few months, the Rapids finally moved his rights to Wilmer Cabrera's Chivas USA.

Brandon Wade

Martin Rivero and Hendry Thomas were both guys that the majority of the Rapids fanbase wanted to re-sign after the fine 2013 campaign, but who both found themselves on the outside looking in for salary reasons after Oscar Pareja bolted back to FC Dallas. Thomas' issues were solved early when he was traded to Dallas prior to the season, but Rivero was still in limbo through the first several games of the season.

It took until April, but we've finally found out where he's headed. Like Thomas, it will be with a Rapids coach from last year, as the Rapids traded his rights to Chivas USA, where Wilmer Cabrera is currently roaming the sidelines.

The return was peanuts, a fourth-round draft pick in the 2015 MLS SuperDraft that will likely turn into nothing for the Rapids. Unfortunately, his spending last season injured for the first half of the season and seemingly in Oscar Pareja's doghouse for the second half appears to have knocked his potential value, even after that promising rookie year, down to essentially nil.

We'll see if Wilmer Cabrera can get out of Rivero what we all saw from him in his first year. Good luck to him out at Chivas USA.