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Rapids Pull Best April Fools Stunt Ever With Colorado Caribous Kits

April Fools day usually sucks. This year the Rapids made sure it didn't.

Jeff Gross

By and large, April Fools Day is the absolute worst day to have an internet connection, because most people just use it to pull the dumbest 'pranks' imaginable. You probably had 30 friends that announced they were pregnant, gay or getting married on various social media sites, fooling one idiot who forgot what day it is, and then giggling to themselves.

This year, we finally got something good out of April Fools Day, and it came from the Rapids. They spent some time shooting Rapids players wearing everyone's favorite old throwback shirts, the originals from the Caribous of Colorado. (Fringe and all!) It came complete with a teasing statement that the Caribous shirts would be worn for Colorado's next home game on the 19th.

Yes, before you start getting your hopes up, it was indeed an April Fools joke, much as we'd all want it to happen.

There might be a side effect to all this, even though we know Adidas and the league would never allow the actual Caribous shirts to be worn in a real MLS game. Now that the seeds have been sewn, we can always hold out hope that the Rapids eventually make some sort of Caribou-based alternate kit, like this one posted on Facebook.

Fan demand has worked before; we had lobbied for years to get a Colorado flag-themed kit before the Rapids put out our current Alternate, and it's certainly not unheard of to see an MLS team go all throwback, with Philadelphia's Bethlehem Steel shirts being some of my favorites in the league. Some 93% of all voters in a CBS Denver poll say that they want some Caribou action at DSGP, too.

And I'm just saying, the new jersey switching rules in MLS mean they're going to need a new alternate come next year... your move, Rapids!