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Colorado Springs Switchbacks To Name Head Coach

Colorado's newest pro soccer team will officially have a head coach by the end of next week.


The Colorado Springs Switchbacks won't be taking the field until 2015, but they're getting things started early with an announcement for a future head coach. They released an email yesterday, saying that their new manager would be officially announced on March 11th.

The Switchbacks have selected a world class head coach who has substantial international and national team playing experience, MLS championship playing and coaching experience, and a deep knowledge of soccer in the State of Colorado.

I, for one, am hoping that it's going to be Pablo Mastroeni so I can watch the entire state of Colorado melt into a nuclear, rage-induced confusion. That's not going to happen though, so there's only a few other people that it could be. The wording seems to imply that it's someone from either the Rapids 1997 or 2010 squads, and other than Pablo and Jamie Smith there aren't many guys from the 2010 team that fit the bill. Marcelo Balboa, perhaps?