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Listen To Me Talk About The Colorado Rapids On The Total Soccer Show!

I featured as the Rapids-man on the Total Soccer Show's preview of our favorite team.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Every so often, I feature on people's podcasts when they need someone to talk about the Colorado Rapids. I'm always happy to help people out, and I was especially happy to join the Total Soccer Show (a fine group of people with big soccer knowledge, if you don't already listen to their podcast then you really should start) to help them out with their MLS Preview series.

In the podcast, we chat about the youth prospects on the Rapids, whether or not Colorado-RSL is a real rivalry, why Pablo Mastroeni is nearly guaranteed to be the head coach at this point, and plenty more.

We also learn that apparently I am not very good at concealing when I've recently woken up, since I sound hella tired in this. Either way, it's worth a listen as we chat about the young guns on the team and I make a bold prediction of a playoff spot for the Rapids this season.